Syncra 12 HF 3200gph



Syncra High Flow pumps are engineered and tested to outperform pumps rated at much higher flow at equal head pressures.

The Syncra HIgh Flow models, with all the great features of the Syncra line, incorporate new leading edge technologies that move them into a class all their own. This exclusive technology, combined with the new electronic engineering of the motor, assures optimized performances while maintaining low power consumption and maximum energy efficiency. The powerful permanent magnet synchronous motors ensure high energy efficiency and reliability for both submersed or external inline applications. SYNCRA HF pumps are engineered for a wide range of applications: gardens, fresh and salt water tanks, water cooling, above ground swimming pools, drainage, fountains and many other uses.

Dimensions: 11.5″ X 6.7″
constructed with standard male threaded inlets and outlets for hook up with fittings for any installation.
available in three models that will save up to 50% of electrical costs over comparably rated pumps.
designed for real world applications thus optimizing flow and energy efficiency as head pressure increases.


CE, ETL and CETL listed
Energy efficient motor
available with 6′ bipolar or grounded cord

Three models
Syncra 10 2500gph, 1″ inlet, 1″ outlet, 4′ max head, 7.12psi
Syncra 12 3200gph, 1-1/2″ inlet, 1-1/2″ outlet, 17.5′ max head, 7.40psi
Syncra 16 4200gph 1-1/2″ inlet, 1-1/2″ outlet, 16.4′ max head, 6.68psi


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