Saltwater Fish Shipments and Corals

New Atlantic invert shipment 9-15-23
Seahorses Erectus
Blue leg hermits
Astrea Snails
Gorgonians purple yellow
Pin cushion urchins pink
Fighting conchs
emerald crabs
peppermint shrimnp
Tropical turbo snails

New Fish Order 8-31-23
Lyretail Anthias
Blueface Trigger male
Lipstick Tang XL
Chelmon Butterfly
Coral Beauty Angel
Emperor Angel juv med
Fire Fish goby
BLue tang sm
Sixline wrass
Valentini puffer
Anemone Shrimp
Pink speckled Shrimp goby
Yellow tail damsel
Yellow Mimic Tang Adult
Harlequin Tusk
Oriental Sweetlips
Carpenters Flasher Wrasse
Lineatus Fairy Wrasse
Dragon Goby

New Coral Order 8-28-23
Aussie Yellow or Super Green branching hammer
Aussie neon green or toxic branching hammer
Aussie Blasto merletti
Neon Green Acan
Blown Glass Rhodactis
Assorted Mushroom and Rhodactis
Dragon Soul prism frag
Neon Green Toadstool
Indo Green Stem With Orange or pink tip torch
Western Aussie Green Torch
Green Pearl Bubble coral
Glow Stick Torch

New Fish and Invert Shipment 8-24-23
Lemonpeel Angel
Royal Gramma
LAwnmower Blenny
Yellow Cubicus
Black and White Heniochus sm
Aiptasia Eating Filefish
Diamond Goby
Firefish Goby
Yellow Watchman
Flame Hawk
Blue Hippo Tang
Carpenter Flasher
Melanarus Female
Red Leg Hermit
Purple Lobster
Sea Hare
Cleaner Shrimp
Harlequin Shrimp
Sexy Shrimp
Nassarius snail sm
Tiger Sand Snail
Zebra Stripe Turbo
Choc Chip Starfish
Royal Urchin

New Clown and invert shipment 8-10-23
Ocellaris clowns
Darwin Clowns
Davinci Extreme grade
Orange Storm Clown
Black Storm Clown
Photon Clowns
Wyoming White
Black Ice Clown
Black Snowflake clown
Astrea snails
Gorgonians Purple and Orange
Long Spine urchins
Purple Pin Cushion
Fighting Conch large
Emerald Crabs
Peppermint Shrimp
Black Angel
Seahorse Large
Porcupine Puffer Large
Blue Leg Hermits

New Fish shipment 7-27-23
Bangai cardinals
Green Chromis
Yellowtail damsel
Yellow watchman
Diamond goby
Flame Hawk
Blue hippo med
Arrow crab
Scarlet hermit
blue leg hermits
red leg hermits
Sea hare california
Nassarius snails sm
cleaner shrimp sm
Margarita snail

New Fish, invert and Coral Shipment 7-14-23
Emerald crab
Fighting conch
Blueleg hermits
Strawberry hermits
Peppermint shrimp
Astrea Snails
Sand sifting starfish
Longspine urchin
Spiny box puffer
Sea horses
Purple gorg whip
Candebala large gorg
Sea Fans regal
Powder brown tang
Sailfin fairy wrasse adult male
Twinspot goby
Harlequin shrimp
Tiger pistol shrimp
Choc chip starfish
Scooter blenny
Firefish goby
2 spot blenny
Algae blenny
Flame goby
Snowflake eel
Blue starfish
Purple long tentacle anemone
Green mandarin
Royal flasher wrasse male
Purple queen anthias female
PEarl scale butterfly
Orange shoulder tang med
Dragon wrasse
Exquisite fairy wrasse
Katherine fairy wrasse male
Melanarus wrasse
Yellow box fish
Red Cream wrasse

Ultra scoly L
Grade A Acan
Ultra Grade Acan
Duncan frag
Dragon soul
Green Galaxea
Aussie green goni
Aussie Shortcake acro
Pipe Organ
Colored Kenya tree
Sun coral
Neon green purple tip branching hammer
Tonga toxic Branching hammer

New Fish shipment 6-22-23
Blue face angel ML
Yellow Angel
Bicolor Angel
Asfur angel med
Bella Goby
Clown Trigger T
Snowflake EEl
Carpenter wrasse male
Blue sided fairy wrasse
Black Clarrkii clown
Halfmoon Angel
Yellow Flank Wrasse
Geographic wrasse
Yellow Banded possum wrasse
White banded possum wrasse
Katherine Wrasse
Sailfin fairy fairy wrasse male
Green Mandarin
Fox face Large
Leopard wrasse
Twinspot Goby
Purple Eye Cardinal
Colored SLugs
Sixline Wrasse
Choc chip starfish
Giant Feather Duster
Cocoworm pink

New Fish shipment 6-13-23
Live Copepods
Coral Beauty Med
Lyretail Anthias 2 Males 6 females
Green Chromis
Yellowtail Damsel
Blue green chromis
Fiji Blue Devil
Red Mandarin
Green Mandarin
Ruby red blenny dragonette
Aiptasia eating filefish sm
Citron Goby
Diamond goby x6
Flame Hawk
Blue hippo Yellow belly
Desjardinii Sailfin med
Cleaner Wrasse med
Sixline wrasse large
Mystery Wrasse sm
Red tip hermits
Cleaner Shrimp
Sand Starfish
Choc. chi starfish
Ocellaris clowns sm
Ocellaris clowns nano
Black Ocellaris Clowns
Wyoming Whites
Ice Storm Clowns
Orange Storm Clowns
Misbar Percula
Frostbite CLowns
Lightning Maroon

New Coral Shipment 6-6-23
Nexus Joker bubbletips. 1.5″
Aussie Western Green Torch 4 heads
Aussie Yellow with Green Stem Hammer L
Western Australia Rasta Torch 2 head
Neon Green Purple tip Branching Hammer
Dragon soul favia
Indo neon green with purple tup branching hammer
Tonga Toxic Branching hammer frag
Aussie yellow splatter hammer Branching
Summer lights hammer frag
Flame boy favia
Jason fox Techno Cyphastrea frag