Radion XR15 G6 PRO


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The Radion Pro is responsible for lighting public aquariums, aquaculture facilities and coral spawning laboratories worldwide. Despite this, our most important user is the discerning home aquarist. Unbeatable in balanced output the G6 PRO carries the tradition further with extra capability in the blue and UV spectrum and mind-blowing additional spread!


Radion G6 models are built on the same heat sink and driver platform as the equivalent Radion G5 modes (XR15 or XR30). Excitingly this allows for a same model (XR15 and XR30) upgrade path for G5 to G6. Included in the upgrade kit is the G6 cluster and HEI lens – which together combine to create the Hybrid Hemispherically Edge Illuminating (HEI2) lens system.

In case you’re wondering – yes you can turn a Blue into a Pro or vice versa.


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