Max Nano Pennisula G2 tank only 26 gallon


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Red Sea is releasing the new MAX NANO G2 XL, the deepest & widest member of the MAX NANO series; idealfor fans of the MAX NANO systems who crave just a bit more space for corals to thrive.The all-new MAX NANO G2 XL comes with all the necessary equipment needed for a stunning home reef, sparing the hobbyist fromconcerns aboutcomponent selection or compatibility. It benefits from superior infrastructure, optimal water management,extra-fortified cabinets, and 2 new G2 features: ReefATO+and NanoMat-ready rear sumps.The MAX NANO G2 XLcomewith a comprehensive REEF-SPEC package:• Ultra-clear aquarium glass• Wi-Fi-controlled ReefLED 50 lighting• REEF-SPEC filtration and circulation systems• Powerful NANO-XL protein skimmer• One-plug control panel• Optional marine-spec cabinet• ReefATO+ and NanoMat-ready rear sumps


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