Reef Octopus Recirculating Skimmer 8″ 300g



As one of the Reef Octopus Classic Series skimmers, this 200ext is an recirculating external protein skimmer that will provide great performance with the enhanced control for marine aquariums up to 300 gallons.
The Classic 200ext is hand crafted of high quality cast acrylic, o-ring sealed union pump mount, bubble diffuser with performance provided by the efficient Reef Octopus Aquatrance 3000s Skimmer Recirculation Pump.
The skimmer features a recirculation mounted pump with a precision gate valve for optimizing the water level within the protein skimmer. The collection cup has a quick release neck for easy removal for cleaning.
Key Benefits found on the Classic 200ext Skimmer

Recirculating Designen hances performance and control
Bubble Diffusing Chamber and Hybrid Body that naturally reduces and stabilizes the foam production;This means less turbulence in the neck area and more contact time for organics to rise and collect
Oversized Air Silencer for quiet operation and airline mount
Collection Cup with flow directional guide, drain and unit venting
Precision Control with the easy to turn output flow valve
Efficient Performance with the Reef Octopus Aquatrance 3000s recirculatingpinwheel pump

Bioload Handling (Excluding sump)
– Light bioload – 300 Gallons
– Medium bioload – 220 Gallons
– Heavy bioload – 180 Gallons

Recirculating Design for Enhanced Control & Performance
Reef Octopus Aquatrance 3000s Skimmer Pump
Effective Venturi Air Injection System
Refined Hybrid (half cone) Skimmer Body
Easy to Remove Cup with Drain
Precision Water Level Control Output Valve
Air Silencer
Solid Acrylic Construction


Body Size: 8in
Footprint: 14.2in x 14.2in
Neck Size: 4.7in
Total Height: 27.75in
Output Size: 50mm/1.5in pvc*
Inlet Size: 3/4in
Max Feed Rate: 790GPH

The Reef Octopus Classic 200ext protein skimmer uses high grade metric plumbing parts and includes US standard plumbing adapters for ease of installation.
*Note:This skimmer requires an additional plumbing and feed pump with the suggest feed rate of 1.5-2 times the total system volume.
Pump Information

Reef Octopus Aquatrance 3000s Pinwheel Pump
Max Flow: 211gph
Max Air: 880L/H, 31SCFH
Power Consumption: 35 Watts
*Air and water results will vary depending on aquarium setup

-Two(2) year on pump body
– One(1) year on pump rotor
– One(1) year on Skimmer Body


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