Radion XR15w Pro Gen4


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Radion XR15W Features

Advanced Optics
Higher Uniformity Over Larger Area
Wireless Communication with Other Ecotech Products
Quiet Running Active Cooling Technology
23 Energy-ecient LEDs
24hr Programmable Output with Easy Import & Export Functionality
Web Based Programming with EcoSmart Live


4x Cool White
4x Deep Blue
4x Blue
2x Green
2x Photo Red
4x UV
2x Violet
1x Warm White

EchoTech Marine has set new standards for equipment in reef aquariums. Their technologically superior products produce unmatched performance and their commitment to beautiful design minimizes the visual intrusion in your aquascape.

Super Spectrum. A carefully constructed spectrum is the centerpiece of a successful reef tank. The Radion XR15FW PRO delivers a highly tunable white output built around plant health and growth, augmented with RGB to make color presentation in corals and fish stunningly rich. Dazzlingly vivid is the only way to describe the lighting experience that Radion delivers, and there is no other way to appreciate it than to see it for yourself.

Super Spread. EcoTech’s latest HEI lens technology delivers T5 spread and light consistency without sacrificing an impressively compact form. With a spread of approximately 2 square feet, the XR15W Pro provides a massive amount of flexibility in terms of light usage. The color mixing and even PAR distribution of the HEI optic reduces shadowing and mutes the hot-spot effect that can be seen under point light sources such as High-Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide fixtures.

Super Smart. All the features available from the leader in lighting programmability and wireless control are fully available in the FW Pro. 24 hour programming, weather features, lunar cycle, acclimation ramping and more are all easily implemented through EcoTech’s EcoSmart Live control platform. Additionally, Android and iOS app control and other multi-unit and equipment capabilities are available with the addition of the EcoTech Reeflink.

Super Stylish. Gently unobtrusive, clean and modern, the XR15W Pro is a study in beautifully purposeful design created to blend into the background while looking sharp and stylish when admired. Black anodized aluminum and acrylic panel construction is complemented by a variety of custom single and multi-light mounting solutions. While making the inside of your aquarium the star of the show, the FW Pro discreetly adds a point of interest above the tank.

Length – 7in.(18cm)
Width – 7in.(18cm)
Height – 1.5in.(3.9cm)
Weight – 3.5lbs.(1587g)

Maximum Spread – 24″ x 24″
Recommended Spread – 18″ x 18″

Power Specifications
Power Consumption – 95W
Universal Input Range – 100-240VAC, 1.5A

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