NUVO Fusion PRO Features
– Award Winning All-In-One Filtration & Design
– High Clarity Low Iron Glass
– Plug & Play (Just Add Water)
– Controllable Flow MightyJet DC Return Pump
– Includes All Needed Media:
– 200 Micron Filter Sock
– Premium 0.8 ROX Carbon
– HC Coarse GFO
– Pre-Installed Leveling Mat
– Pre-Assembled Mesh Screen Lid
– Customizable Media Basket
– Magnetic Algae Cleaner


Channel your inner artist and expand your reef keeping possibilities with the NUVO Fusion Micro 30L.

36 inches of unobstrive viewing allows you to create panoramic aquascapes never seen before. Elegance and beauty come together with a purpose to stand apart.

We have upscaled our luxurious midsize aquariums by merging the premium features of our Full Size SR-Series aquariums with the Award Winning customizable filtration system of our NUVOs. This perfect blend gives you 10-15% more room for aquascaping, the highest clarity viewing, a screen lid that removes excess heat and provides maximum light penetration, and the cleanest and clearest water possible.

The MightyJet DC Return Pump

This bundle comes with the MightyJet DC pump that fits perfectly in the back filter chamber, is super quiet, has a run-dry protection and feed mode. The MightJet pushes up to 528 gallons per hour, but can be dialed to your preferred flow rate with the equipped controller at the touch of a button. Once you find the setting that is right for you, you can lock it in by holding the down-arrow button, that the controller will display “LC” when set.

The pump has two return flow modes with 9 speed settings and also a feed mode, all of which is distinguishable by the controller`s display:

Mode 1: Stream – This mode will display as a “1” on the controller and is a calm, uninterrupted flow at a single speed.
Mode 2: Sine Wave – This mode will display as a “2”, and oscillates the water movement, achieving a wave-like motion within the water column
Feed Mode – This mode will display as a “FE”, and shuts the pump off for 10 minutes, then resume automatically after 10 minutes or by pressing the `Feed` button.

The CustomCaddy with PurityPack

The CustomCaddy is a three tiered media basket allowing you to place the included PurityPack of all the AIO filter media needed: High Performance Fiber Balls, High Capacity Coarse GFO, and Premium Rox 0.8 Carbon can be placed in whichever section suits your needs. Each section will house any of your favorite filter pads, activated carbon, GFO, and more, if desired.

Four laser cut slots allow the media trays to be moved or removed to accommodate more room to pack filtration needs, or, be converted into a refugium

The MicroMag Magnetic Glass Cleaner

This magnetic algae cleaner is a tiny, but tough way to rid your aquarium of algae, allowing you to get into the hard to reach places. Its soft felt pad for the outside allows it to slide easily across the tank, while the hard textured pad on the inside of the tank scrubs away.

Scrub away, keeping your hands dry.


30 Gallons
Outside DIMS: Length 35.43” Width: 14.96” Height: 12.99”
Display DIMS: Length 34.79” Width: 10.13” Height: 12.99”
Low Iron Glass Beveled and Polished Edges
Glass Thickness: 8mm
Mesh Screen Pro Lid
Pre-Installed Rubber Leveling Mat
1 – Micromag Magnetic Glass Cleaner


Built-in Acrylic Overflow Wall
(1) – Removable 200 Micron Filter Sock
(1) – Midsize CustomCaddy Media Basket w/ PurityPack Filter Media (2 – Mechanical Fiberball, 2- Premium 0.8 ROX Carbon Pack, 2 – High Capacity Coarse GFO Pack)
(1) – MightyJet 22W/24V 538 GPH DC Return Pump w/ Controller
Includes: Flexible Hose, Return Elbows and Dual Directional Flow Nozzles


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