Black Storm 1.5″



Background & Description
Late in 2014 we released a new strain of fish we had named the MochaVinci Clownfish. This designer clownfish was created by breeding our DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish with our jet-Black Ocellaris Clownfish. The MochaVinci Clownfish inherited the classic swirly white pattern of the DaVinci Clownfish, but the red coloration had been replaced by a more golden and black coloration similar to that of Black Ice Clownfish and Maine Mocha Clownfish. The MochaVinci Clownfish was a hopeful first step in creating an all-black-and-white DaVinci Clownfish and our plan was to continue maintaining the classic swirly pattern of the DaVinci Clownfish. One of the MochaVinci offspring looked very different than the rest and it quickly became apparent that this was a one-in-a-million mutation (see image below).


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