70 Rimless Reef Combo w/ In & Out


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A lower price shouldn’t mean a sacrifice in quality. OceanVue Aquariums & Stands are made in the USA in the same factory as our elegant Crystaline tank packages and high-end custom aquariums. Glass dimensions and cabinet materials are optimized to offer you the best combination of value and performance.

Built at an 18” depth, our versatile OceanVue cabinets are made to accommodate aquariums from other manufacturers as well. The birch construction offers a superior, more durable, option to cabinets from other brands.


1 – Planet Model 70 Rimless Reef w/ In & Out 48½ x 18½ x 19½
1 – 30” Tall Black Stand (Birch)

Xaqua InOut Info

The Xaqua INOUT is a complete overflow and return system for your aquarium. Great for use with sumps, refugiums and wet-dry filters. The unique design allows for the overflow system to be installed on the back of the aquarium so there are no holes at the bottom of the aquarium; eliminating the risk of catastrophic water leakage possible with conventional overflows. Additionally, the INOUT takes up a very minimal amount of space inside the aquarium so it maximizes the amount of room inside your aquarium for your fish and corals and does not distract from your aquascape. Its special construction together with the close proximity of the drain and return makes the overflow system very quiet and generates a wave effect on the water surface.

The new model introduced in 2016 has a larger drain, allowing a maximum pump capacity of 660 gph (2500 L/h). The drain and the return sections can be cut apart if you wish to place the two on opposite ends of your aquarium.


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