4K Gyre – Pump Only


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Max Flow 4,000gph | 13~45 watts | 25-150+ gallons
Includes 4K Gyre Pump Only – Controller and power supply required
Mounting applicable for glass or acrylic aquariums up to 5/8 in thick.

IceCap 4K Gyre Flow Pump Only
The IceCap Gyre is back and better than ever! The all-new IceCap 4K Gyre Flow Pump is more powerful than its 3K predecessor.

Gyre 4K Pump Features & Benefits
– Unique Gyre Flow: Virtually Eliminates Dead Spots
– Evenly Distributed Linear Flow
– Discrete Design
– Can Be Mounted Vertically or Horizontally
– Can Be Mounted Close to the Water Surface
– Waterproof Magnet Mounts
– Twin Directional Flow Cages
– Includes 2 Sets of Propellers: Orange and Black
– HYDROS WaveEngine Direct Drive Compatible
– 1-Year Limited Warranty
– The IceCap 4K Gyre uses officially licensed technology by Maxspect, creators of the original Gyre pump, to generate the now-iconic gyre water flow in your aquarium—but without breaking the bank! The IceCap 4K is also Direct Drive Compatible with the HYDROS WaveEngine multi-pump controller.

Gyre 4K Technical Specs
– Rating: Aquariums 25-150+ Gallons
– Maximum Flow: 4,000 Gallons Per Hour
– Minimum Flow: 1,286 Gallons Per Hour
– Power Consumption: 13-45 Watts
– Size: 12L x 3.15W x 1.7H
– Weight:711g/25.1oz
– Cable Length: 6ft
– Tank Thickness: Up to 5/8” thick
– Glass or Acrylic: Safe for Both


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